Original Works
novadrome - 2020 mix || 12.01.20
a collection of both released and unreleased works i've created over the course of 2020.

novadrome - klexos || 6.06.20
"maybe we should think of memory itself as a work of art- a work of art is never finished, only abandoned."

novadrome - summer nights || 8.28.19
relax. not a worry in the world, everything is alright. enjoy it.

novadrome - mantra || 8.27.19
mantra: a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. a statement or slogan repeated frequently.

novadrome - nightfall || 7.26.19
it's late and starting to rain. you find a nice little cave under a waterfall to spend the night in.

Past Commissions:
The Monstro Minuet (Commissioned by Abyssoft) || 4.09.21
- "Minute and a half loop"
- "Another explanatory song but not a low key one"
Ace in the Hole (Commissioned by Abyssoft) || 3.29.21
- "More up-beat 'we've accomplished something' vibes"
Meteor City Mystery (Commissioned by Abyssoft) || 3.18.21
- "It's like a 'Here's a mystery we need to solve'"
- "[Make it] sound like it belonged in Paper Mario"
untitled (Commissioned by Abyssoft) || 12.15.20
- "Base it off of 80s 'hype' music for aerobics"
night vibes (Commissioned by Abyssoft) || 11.28.20
- "Chill vibe with enough pace that people won't lose interest"
- "Make it a bit inquisitive"
finale (Commissioned by Abyssoft) || 8.19.20
- "Use a reoccurring motif in different contexts"
- "Fit the piece to match with the different timestamps in the finale video"
Link to the video, all the music you hear was composed by me! 
informative (Commissioned by Abyssoft) || 7.23.20
- "Make something that answers questions"
- "Make it fit an informative section of the video"
Link to the video, all the music you hear was composed by me! 
intro (Commissioned by Abyssoft) || 7.19.20
- "Something that would just lay under the narration"
- "Terminator vibes"
Link to the video, all the music you hear was composed by me! 
unnamed (Commissioned by Abyssoft) || 5.10.20
- "Have the melody play an incomplete version and 'find notes' along the way as it builds"
- "It should feel like the listener is being lectured or talked to in some way"
- "Have an interesting bass and punctual chords"
Mother 3 - As You Wish [Remix] (Commissioned by Abyssoft) || 2.11.20
- "Lo-fi/chillwave style"
- "A loop that isn't too repetitive for background music"
Earthbound - Winters' White [Remix] (Commissioned by Abyssoft) || 2.09.20
- "Synthwave remix of the Winters' White Theme from EarthBound"
- "Use some SFX from EarthBound in the track"
Ease (Commissioned by Abyssoft) || 1.25.20
- "Ambient, chill, and optimistic"
- "Builds slowly, different layers joining in over the first 30-40 seconds, joins together at around 60 seconds"
Unnamed (Commissioned by Latixer) || 4.11.19
- "Upbeat style"
- "Dance music and groovy"
novadrome - space (Commissioned by Pondaz) || 3.11.19
- "Background music, easy on the ears"
- "Repetitive but not overbearing"
TanookiTunes (Commissioned by TanookiAlex) || 2.21.19
- "Genre of electronic dance"
- "Has a saxophone with a catchy riff"
Shoveling Simulator OST - Night (Commissioned by sauce1290) || 7.19.18
- "Calming and chill"
- "Represents the mood of night in the game"