Commission Examples:

Commission Sheet:

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NoVADrome - Space (Commissioned by Pondaz) || 3.11.19
Requests from Pondaz when making this:

- "Background music, easy on the ears"
- "Repetitive but not overbearing"

Shoveling Simulator OST - Night (Commissioned by sauce1290) || 7.19.18
Requests from sauce1290 when making this:

- "Calming and chill"
- "Represents the mood of night in the game"

Unnamed (Commissioned by Latixer) || 4.11.19
Requests from Latixer when making this:

- "Upbeat and groovy"

TanookiTunes (Commissioned by TanookiAlex) || 2.21.19
Requests from TanookiAlex when making this:

- "Genre of electronic dance"
- "Has a saxophone with a catchy riff"

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